Scavenger Hunts & Check-Ins

Bringing geocaching and location check-ins to the Geo Web

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“Proof of location” claim systems (like FOAM has been working on) aren’t here yet and GPS is easily spoofed, so to create Geo Web geocaching and check-in experiences that aren’t arbitrarily subverted we need to get a little creative.

The newly proposed Physical Backed Token (PBT) standard might provide a good tool to combine with native Geo Web functionality for such use cases.

The PBT standard proposes using an embedded chip to enable “scan-to-own” integration between the digital (NFT) and physical (physical objects).

Geo Web landholders could embed chips like those offered by KONG into “immovable” objects within their parcel to serve as a verifiable location claim (these chips are NFC and require immediate physical proximity). The chip could be tied to an NFT where ownership corresponds to the current “King of the Hill” or a cache.

The Geo Web spatial audio and/or visual content could create context and immersive experiences around the check-in/claim location including providing hints to find each chip.

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hi all, just learned about geoweb by stumbling down the Ceramic wormhole. Very happy to be here amongst my mapping peeps. Straight to the point: the scavenger hunt use case is the most promising one in all of crypto and applaud you all for the tooling you’ve developed to make this happen.

The fascinating this about the waste mapping, analytics, remediation use case is that it combines the need for (1) persistent mapping (perpetual hotspots), while (2) highlighting the need for state expiry (makes little sense to clog dClouds with infinite flow of litter data), while (3) emphasizing the indispensability of different forms of account abstraction / rotation / randomization to preserve waste-mappers privacy. Would be happy to discuss these themes and the waste-mapping application any time, any where. :))

Welcome, @CleanApp! Thanks for the kind words and jumping in here.

I don’t know much about waste mapping, but I’m diving into the links you shared on the other thread. I’ll DM you on Twitter and maybe we can set up a time to chat! Would love to see a use case like yours built on the Geo Web.

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