Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars obviously make money selling food and drinks, but a large % of their ability to do that depends on the atmosphere that they create.

Between the decor, big screen TVs, live music, PPV/premium sports, etc. they spend a ton of money on things that they often don’t directly monetize. I think that the Geo Web can play a huge role in creating they type of spaces and experiences that keep patrons coming back (which can easily justify paying network fees).

Drop your ideas for restaurant/bar focused use cases here!

Here are a few that I’ve been thinking of:

  • Replace QR code menus with Geo Web-anchored ones
  • Augment/replace physical art & decor with digital art
  • Display table wait times in AR outside the front door
  • Anchor table reservation & contactless ordering apps within the premises
  • Replace physical TVs with digital ones (few years out from this)
  • Offer geo-anchored deals, rewards, & even NFTs for patrons/Geo Web users
  • Control the juke box when on premises

Creating Ceramic schemas for these types of use cases along with offering corresponding publishing tools through the Cadastre can make this super simple for a restaurant to manage. We want it to be easier to publish to the Geo Web than it is to spin up a traditional website.