2022-04-11 Weekly Updates

Updates from last week and goals for this week.

Last Week

  • Continue v2 refresh of the Geo Web docs site - Completed rewrites of the Welcome, Introduction, and Getting Started sections
  • Assign bounty values to Cadastre redesign tickets & talk to potential assignees - Grouped 12 tickets into 7 bounties with $2,350 allocated. Cody going to add a bit more technical detail to the requirements for integrating with our smart contracts this week.
  • Raid Guild cohort support (there are at least two PCO/Geo Web related projects!) - Continued to support the WTF is PCO and DAO+PCO Pixel Board Game projects. Demo day is this Thursday 4/14

This Week

  • Complete a rewrite of the Core Concepts section of Geo Web docs
  • Check in on Geo Web tax prep