Suporting the decentralized content layer

The Geo Web’s content layer is off-chain, but that doesn’t mean we want it to be centralized, so we should use network fees to support or subsidize the networks/protocols/tools that we want to use.

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We currently use the hosted Graph service for our Optimistic Kovan testnet, but the hosted service is going away and we’d want to embrace the decentralized service anyway.

To help ensure that the Geo Web subgraph is widely, rapidly, and reliably indexed, we could allocate some portion of the network fees to subgraph curation or other incentives/subsidies for Geo Web indexers.

With the proper structure and incentives, we can keep any per-request fees transparent to users and create a better experience.


We’re also lucky to have the generous support from Protocol Labs/The Filecoin Foundation to provide free, integrated IPFS pinning and Filecoin backup for Geo Web content uploaded via the Cadastre, but this likely can’t stay free without a cap, in perpetuity.

Providing an IPFS pinning/Filecoin budget per parcel covered by the parcel’s network fees would maintain a frictionless UX for p2p content storage while ensuring sustainability. It’s good for the user, but also a public good to support and maintain the p2p ecosystem.