Real World NFT Display

It almost goes without saying, but a blockchain-based AR layer like the Geo Web is the perfect place to show off all your expensive JPEGs (…and GIFs, MP3s, MP4s, GLBs, USDZs). Share all your ideas, features, and examples in this category.

Right now you can upload many different file types to the Geo Web’s Media Gallery Ceramic template, but these aren’t the NFTs themselves (if they are related to NFTs at all).

It will be super cool when we’ve created Cadastre tools and the corresponding Ceramic templates to allow Geo Web land licensors to anchor the NFTs in their wallet(s) to their parcel(s) directly (i.e., the link is to the blockchain asset and its associated metadata rather than an infinitely duplicatable file). We’d want to resolve both on-chain and IPFS/ARWeave/externally-stored metadata of NFTs in the Geo Web spatial browser.

Highlighting the authenticity/verified ownership of the NFT in browser would really reinforce the value that “right-click, save” people don’t yet understand. Seeing/experiencing NFTs side-by-side with the physical world is also a new type of experience. The NFT escapes the glowing screen and can have persistence. Anyone who visits that location while on the Geo Web will see that the NFT “exists” in this specific place.