Quadratic Funding Matching Rounds

Quadratic funding uses a (quadratic) formula to more democratically and effectively allocate funding for public goods. The basic idea is that the number of people that donate to a cause should be weighed higher than just the absolute amount. It helps overcome the free-rider problem seen in public goods.

Introduction of the concept: WTF is Quadratic Funding?

Quadratic funding rounds on platforms like Gitcoin and CLR.fund have funded millions of dollars of public goods work in an efficient and democratic way. They’ve furthered the culture of valuing public goods on Ethereum and beyond.

We’re aligned philosophically with them and the QF mechanism, so why reinvent the wheel? The Geo Web should definitely utilize QF matching rounds for projects and contributors on our network. This could be a side round on Gitcoin or our own instance of CLR.fund’s tech.

A couple of months ago, there was proposal to create a service called Gitcoin Aqueduct in their DAO forum. Think of it like QF-as-a-Service. Seems like an automatic for our community to try out when available.