PKH DID Method Support

I recently came across the PKD DID Method when browsing through updates to Ceramic.

In short, it is a DID method meant for blockchain wallets.

Throughout the testnet, we have used 3ID connect and did:3 as the main identifier for users. While we are aligned with Ceramic’s vision for linking blockchain wallets together into a single identity, using 3ID has introduced a lot of UX questions, since parcels are owned by ETH wallets and not 3IDs.

  • Should the Cadastre show parcels owned by all wallets under a 3ID, or just the connected one?
  • Do users understand what 3ID is?
  • Do we show 3ID profile information in the Cadastre?
  • What happens if a smart contract owns a parcel?
  • and more

Perhaps instead of using did:3 we could use did:pkh. This would clear up much of the UX questions around 3ID connect. I am starting this topic to see what others think and to have a place to post updates.

Note this is not the highest priority right now in development and did:pkh is still very early.

Good eyes on this.

There’s definitely an inherent trade-off in the cross-wallet vs single-wallet display approach. My gut says that we only want to display parcels for the wallet that is connected (at least to start). Seems like less potential confusion and more in-line with the “standard” way that users interact with their on-chain assets right now.

That said, as DIDs gain traction and we start exploring things like publisher reputation, the calculation could change.

This is a whole other can of worms, but for opsec reasons, people should/will be wary of associating their public wallet address with a physical location—especially a residential one.