On-Boarding Flow, Wallets, & Fiat On-Ramps

Exploring the tools and user flow that we implement on the Cadastre to support new web3 crypto users and power users alike to claiming Geo Web land.

Notes from 12/16 with @codynhat & @graven

  • The current wallet integrations are good enough for crypto natives/power users, but don’t go the extra mile to make the Geo Web accessible to first-time crypto users.
    • Especially in support of a “fair launch,” we want to remove as many technical barriers to claiming Geo Web land as possible.
  • Wallet Connect and other wallets like Torus have pushed the cryto wallet sign-up and management UX forward, but a user has to know those exist to take advantage of them
    • We can do more on the Cadastre to guide new users into these user flows.
    • In the case of Torus, they offer whitelabeling, so a user doesn’t even need to technically “know it exists” if we integrate it into the Cadastre (web2-like signup flow with the advantages of web3)
  • High-Level Goals/Features
    • First-time wallet creation
      • Web2 login options
      • Non-custodial wallet
        • Easy to use, but proper key management
      • Not a Geo Web/app specific address
        • Begin to educate user about wallets & ability to use a new wallet across apps
      • Fiat on-ramp to L2 non-custodial wallet
        • US vs Other Countries
    • Maintain the list of wallet options for power users
  • The gating item for this work is having a fiat on-ramp option to our L2 of choice for US users. Without the fiat on-ramp this effort won’t have the impact needed to be prioritized.