Media Gallery and Objects Models

Discussion for MediaGallery definition, schema, and MediaObject schema.

MediaGallery schema would be better, if it included provision to add attributes.
While the MediaGallery itself serves as a high-level metadata, having tweak-able parameters runtime is ideal.

Also, every content would have it’s own customisation needs, with regards to 3D Graphics, Materials, Video Resolution, Game Mechanics etc.

Reference to the proposed changes are attached below:

Can you be more specific? Which parameters do you need that are not in the current models?

We need to make sure that whatever parameters/fields are used are known ahead of time by any potential client. So I don’t think having parameters that can be changed at runtime will work. How will other clients know what these fields are? They need to be agreed upon ahead of time.

Well, the parameters are specific to the creator ideally.
But, I can possibly list down standard attributes in the context of Video, Image, Audio, and 3D, which can be used on our existing client software.

Eventually, any client software should be able leverage the ceramic streams to plug and play customized data.

Comparably, OpenSea defined the attributes param on their schema definition, which is useful for gamification purposes.