Landowner Onboarding --> Public Goods Funding

Exploring ways to reduce friction for Geo Web landowners to participate in public goods funding decisions and governance at onboarding.

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Public goods are at the core of the Geo Web vision. When combined with our partial common ownership land market, funding them effectively becomes a “competitive advantage” for the network (and society). We believe this is best achieved through participatory and market-based solutions rather than centralized decision-making.

So taking inspiration from recent governance token airdrops which included token delegation as part of the claims process (GTC, ENS, & OP), we could encourage new landowners to make public goods funding decisions at the time of their land claim.

When making a Geo Web land claim, users open an ETHx stream to pay their ongoing network fees as defined by partial common ownership. Some of those funds may be automatically routed toward public goods funding as determined by a global mechanism (e.g. our ideas for Cadastres and Spatial Browsers). But, we could easily design a more flexible and participatory mechanism that gives the user choices in allocating their network funds to worthy projects, causes, groups, and individuals.

They could allocate portions of their network fee steam to categorical buckets like Geo Web SourceCred, Ethereum core protocol developers, UBI, etc, or more narrowly to individual contributors and projects. These contributions could be matched with quadratic funds on a quarterly basis like Gitcoin or not.

The insight here isn’t necessarily novel funding mechanisms (although we’ll always be experimenting), but the “power of defaults.” If claiming a land parcel puts users into a workflow that includes allocating money to public goods of their choice with money they’ve already committed to spending (network fees aren’t optional) not only will we see higher “governance” participation, but hopefully we’ll create more long-term believers and participants in public goods funding through tangible experience.