Integration Library

Is there a forum post, Discord thread, or (perhaps optimally) Wiki article detailing projects that have, are planning on, or are currently working towards integrating the GeoWeb protocol into their applications?

No, not yet :grimacing:.

@codynhat just published a data model repo with a process for open contributions last week. That repo will focus on the use cases (integration of Ceramic schemas with browsers), so that it would highlight partner projects if they contribute.

Beyond content publishing/resolution, there are other integration opportunities like building a Cadastre, an NFT marketplace, etc, that we definitely would want to highlight too. I’ll spend some time laying out the categories of partners/integrations and get it published to Github and/or our docs as a starting place.

Are you thinking about it in terms of projects building on top of the GeoWeb stack (Ceramic, Protocols, etc.) or integrating the protocol into their own applications (i.e. just using the smart contract as a source of truth)?

To get the full lay of the land, I’d try to do both.

When it comes to applications integrating the Geo Web in the long run, we want the ecosystem to look like the WWW rather than siloed apps on smartphones/glasses. The digital land registry is the list integrated applications and they should all be accessible from universal browser interfaces and Cadastres.

The projects building on top of the full stack are profile more like service providers and the list won’t be as long and the level of partnership will likely be higher.