I'm writing a 'Layman's Guide to the world of Crypto'

I’m in the process of writing a guide to the world of crypto for the absolute layman - someone who has had very little previous exposure to crypto. Ideally, I want it to be readable by someone who doesn’t have a deep knowledge of computers.

The goal with this guide is for each section to A.) be as understandable as possible on its own, B.) build a strong knowledge of the underlying concepts. As the guide is for the absolute layman, I am trying to build that knowledge through analogy and comparisons to similar concepts that exist in fiat currency. I want to avoid technical language wherever possible.

It’s still in the relatively early stages, but I have several sections up with the crypto wallet section being the weakest. I would love to hear feedback, especially from the technical standpoint. While I want to avoid specific language, I don’t want to compromise the underlying knowledge.

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@Kevvles.eth I think this is really interesting. Being a relative layman myself in the world of crypto, I think I could provide some useful feedback on where/if certain explanations get too complex for the layman. I will have a read in the next few days and will get back to you with comments. Would be interested to hear what @codynhat and @graven have to say about it as well.

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Wow! This is good stuff @Kevvles.eth! I like the tone and comes off as very approachable.

One quick recommendation for the web3 explainer section is to also include the concept of users having ownership of the actual network or service. Gods Unchained is a good example of a digital asset that users can own, but web3 can go to deeper layers than that which is arguably more exciting (e.g. users own the “decentralized Facebook”). Variant’s write-ups on the “Ownership Economy” might have some useful references.

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Thanks for the feedback and recommendation!

Looking forward to digging into those write-ups.