Geo Web Ecosystem Overview

This is a living document /topic providing an overview of the network integrations, use cases, and builders associated with the Geo Web. Feel free to comment below and suggest changes/additions.

Core Infrastructure

The protocols and networks that enable the Geo Web.

Blockchain Network

Blockchain Indexing & Data

Content Layer

  • IPFS
    • P2P hypermedia protocol used to link and share content on the Geo Web
  • Ceramic Network
    • Protocol built on top of IPFS that makes creating, hosting, and sharing streams of data (i.e. mutable data) easy.
  • Filecoin
    • Incentivized storage layer integrated with IPFS to ensure data persistence
    • Estuary - Provides free IPFS pinning and Filecoin backup from the Geo Web Cadastre

Tools & Interfaces

The user-facing software and marketplaces that integrate with the Geo Web’s core infrastructure.

Cadastres & Publishing Tools

User agents used to claim and manage Geo Web parcels including content publishing.


User agents that present content from Geo Web land parcels.

  • Geo Web spatial browser (alpha)
    • Web app that uses your GPS location to resolve content from a Geo Web parcel
      • Media Gallery + AR
      • Traditional web content
    • Accessible with ENS+IPFS
    • Open source, feel free to fork and/or build your own
  • Geo Web Cadastre
    • Can be used to inspect land parcels and linked content from a map-navigated view.

NFT Marketplaces

Purchase, sell, and discover unique assets that can be anchored to Geo Web land parcels.

  • TBA

Use Cases


Open source data structures that enable standardization and composability of browser-based use cases.

Other Integrations

Apps and networks that tap into Geo Web data for their own unique use cases.

  • TBA

Has anyone tried munging a parcel into an OpenSea listing yet?

Not yet. The partial common ownership customizations plus the spatial attributes of parcels would require some integration work. We need to solidify our contracts before taking that on.

In one framing, we’d want OpenSea and the others to become Cadastres. They could also offer their traditional NFT marketplace service, but make publishing/linking NFTs to land parcels really easy.

I’m glad you’re working on PCO NFT standards, so we can make a stronger case together to these incumbent marketplaces :slight_smile: