Geo-Anchored AR Whiteboard

A whiteboard anchored to your Geo Web parcel that you and those that have been granted access to can write and draw on–viewed through a Geo Web spatial browser.

As we get closer to a mainnet launch, I’ve been thinking more about the Geo Web use cases that can be implemented relatively soon that don’t rely on smart glasses to be fun/useful on a repeated basis because we are years away from mass adoption of always-on AR.

Given the popularity of NFTs, displaying NFTs/AR art is still a natural use case, but having to pull out a phone and look through the camera lens breaks some of the magic for art viewing. People will do it and it will be cool, but it don’t think it will drive daily usage for the average user nor does it have a natural viral adoption mechanism.

An augmented reality whiteboard would rely on similar technical foundations as 2D art display and could be viewed in a mobile web browser using existing libraries/technology. But, it would have totally different social dynamics which would be positive for Geo Web adoption/usage.

I’ve been thinking of it like a personal whiteboard on the outside of an apartment/office/dorm door. In the physical world, when a friend/colleague/neighbor stops by, they can leave a short message or a funny doodle on the board to be discovered when the resident returns. These days it would be easier to just DM/text/email/call the friend if the message content was the whole point, but clearly that’s not the case. The medium is part of the social experience and can make for a more meaningful interaction.

If we implemented the AR version of this on the Geo Web, the social dynamic could drive regular usage (the whiteboard could always be changing) while permissioned write access could create viral adoption.

A user would claim their home/office on the Geo Web and set up a whiteboard at a specific location in their parcel (I think it’s important for the board to be geopoint-anchored to create the feeling of persistence and novelty vs all the other messaging and image apps on the user’s phone).

They could then grant their friends permission to write on the whiteboard via an email or social invite. The friend would accept the invite by associating their existing or newly created crypto wallet/DID to the invite (Torus’s 1-click wallet creation could be really useful here). They’d then have direct write access (append only?) to the inviting friend’s parcel’s Ceramic stream. Each drawing/message could be a new document that the whiteboard owner could swipe though. Naturally, we’d want the sign-up flow to include easy parcel claim and whiteboard setup for the invitees.

The parcel owner could make the whiteboard open-write access if it’s for a public space or business (geo-fencing and other spam/moderation controls would be needed though).

We could implement NFT minting mechanics like Nifty Ink and games like Draw Something too.

Anyone want to build it?

Very cool. This makes me think of a separate idea I’ve had recently, which is storing Excalidraw drawings on Ceramic.

The drawings could be NFTs, and use NFT DID to update the drawing on Ceramic. This is probably really similar to Nifty Ink. It would be really cool to have interoperability with Nifty Ink as well.

Yeah the more we can leverage and integrate existing creative tools/templates the better. The creative experience is just as important as viewing really. The first iteration of this is a whiteboard (which I do think will create a fun experience), but the next one can 3D. As virtual 3D drawing/sculpting tools get better/more accessible, that will open up doors for this and other creative endeavors for the Geo Web content.

One caveat here. How to manage the user invitations/links from expiry, and potentially being misused?
Can we maybe leverage centralized services?
Such as