Digital Land + NFT = New Home Closing Gift

A good friend of mine is a real estate broker. Like most agents, he gives his clients a closing gift to celebrate their new home.

Once we have the Geo Web mainnet launched, I want to work with all the agents on this team to give each new homeowner their corresponding Geo Web parcel with an augmented reality NFT anchored to it. It would be super cool to commission crypto-native artists to create unique pieces for this.

Onboarding new homeowners to successfully manage a wallet and their new assets could be a challenge, but worth it.

What’s the first thing that a new homeowner does when they have people over? Offer up a tour. It’s guaranteed that the tour would include telling their family/friends to open the Geo Web spatial browser so they can show off the new NFT sculpture in the backyard (virality!).

I don’t think closing gifts are “a thing” for commercial real estate, but commercial brokers looking to differentiate themselves could help onboard their clients to the Geo Web with new and existing spaces as well.

Geo Web land could be used to advertise spaces for sale/lease, do full 3D/AR renderings of structures, and simulate furnishings.

I’ll definitely be working my network to partner with/support those in the real estate industry. If you happen to be a broker hit me up!