Concerts, Sports, Performances, & Other Live Events

Listening to music, watching a sporting event, or watching a show/play/performance are totally different experiences at home vs live.

Humans are social animals. There’s an electricity—a vibe—to sharing an experience with hundreds to thousands of other people. VR is a long way from recreating that, but that doesn’t mean these experiences couldn’t be even more magical with digital enhancements. Geo-anchored digital content can create an augmented, shared reality that’s truly the best of both worlds.

Drop your ideas for live event use cases in this thread!

  • Replacing jumbotrons/video boards with augmented reality displays
  • Digital fireworks, light shows, and SFX
  • Live/streaming data and replays (boxscore stats, “yellow first down line,” running speed, etc.)
  • Directions to the shortest bathroom or concession line
  • Geo anchored chats

Making sure that these experiences/content are delivered p2p (i.e. via IPFS) is really exciting. Instead of getting terrible coverage like in most crowded places, Geo Web content resolution could get faster and more robust with user density.