2022-02-28 Weekly Updates

Updates from the last couple weeks and goals for this week.

Last 2 Weeks

  • All things ETHDenver
    • Met with all our partners in our tech stack (Protocol Labs, SuperFluid, Ceramic, zkSync/Matter Labs, The Graph)
    • Recruiting potential collaborators/contributors, pitching to potential grant givers, and making friends
  • Live meetup with the partial common ownership group - good things coming

This Week

  • Schedule a walkthrough with Matter Labs
  • Start updating the PCO Working Group Github repo with an intro, vision, and other “onboarding” material
  • Continue admin/tax support
  • Start exploring grant sources for an code audit

Last few weeks

  • ETHDenver!
  • AuctionSuperApp placing bids #40

This Week

  • AuctionSuperApp accepting and rejecting bids
  • AuctionSuperApp claiming bids